Thanks for visiting! This site will be listing classical and classical-adjacent concerts in Vancouver, along with interviews of people involved in those concerts. I hope that it can be a friendly place to showcase all the talent that the Vancouver classical musical community offers, and help people wondering 'What should I do tonight?' have an answer with 'I'll go to a concert!'

Please note that I'm a human so there may be mistakes in the concert listings. It would be best to go with the information in the links provided, and if you notice any discrepancies, feel free to send me an email at vancitymelophile@gmail.com and I'll fix it right up. You can also email me if you have an event that you would like to have added to the calendar, if you would like to be interviewed, or if you have a particularly good banana bread recipe. I love making banana bread. I've found great recipes for plain, with chocolate chips, and marbled, but much like with music, there's always room for more!

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