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Michael Noble - August 16-17

Müzewest Concerts presents two concerts with pianist Michael Noble on August 16 and 17. The August 16th performance will include string quartets by Webern and Mendelssohn as well as an arrangement of Beethovens Piano Concerto No. 4, and the August 17th performance will be with Melody Yuan on violin with works by Bach, Morlock, Brahms, Ysaye, Beethoven, and Sarasate. Read on as Michael Noble gives a brief glimpse into these programmes.

Is there any kind of theme in your upcoming concerts?

There's no theme per se in either concert. It's repertoire that all of us feel deeply about, but that also works well on the respective programs!

The particular arrangement of the Beethoven Piano Concerto for sextet has unknown authorship but was popular in Vienna while Beethoven was still alive - what are your thoughts on this arrangement, especially in comparison to the full orchestral version?

I think this arrangement is done quite well, and enhances the natural intimacy of this particular concerto. This kind of arrangement would not be suitable for the Fifth Concerto "Emperor," for instance, with its bombast and flourishes, but it works very well with the more understated Fourth.

What do you enjoy most about Beethoven's music?

It's difficult to pinpoint one particular thing since his music encompasses so many characteristics. I think one of my favorite things about Beethoven's music is the sense that its form is intrinsically linked to its content; the strength of the form, of a motive's development throughout a piece only strengthens the power and wonderment one feels when listening to or performing it.

On Saturday you'll be switching roles from soloist to collaborator - how do you approach these two roles and navigate between moving from one to the other?

In both these concerts, and actually in any context where I am not a soloist, I consider myself a collaborator. The goal is to bring out the intentions of the respective composers that we will be performing, and it takes every musician onstage to do that.

Catch Michael Noble performing on August 16 and 17, both performances at 7pm at St. Helen’s Anglican Church.

More information: https://muzewest.wordpress.com/upcoming-concerts/

August 16 performance: eventbrite

August 17 performance: eventbrite

Michael Noble: https://www.michaelnoble.net/

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