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Music this week - August 22-28

I'm sitting in a coffee shop drinking candied almond rooibos and sweating like crazy, thinking about how the end of summer draws near. There's a florist next door, I think I may buy a fern. I'm also thinking about this week's musical offerings, there aren't many, but the offerings are pretty darn great.

Thursday is The Drawing Room, a cozy space to work featuring live music to inspire you and tea and snacks to fill your belly. Bring your drawing, knitting, or anything else you want to work on! And you might be extra inspired if you're coming from the afternoon open rehearsal for the Kessler Academy

Saturday is the performance of the Kessler Academy, presented by Music on Main, as well as Esthesis at the CMC featuring music for soprano, cello and piano. Also, not music related but still very important, today is Pet-A-Palooza in Yaletown, which includes Running Of The Bulls (French and English bulldog races), Wiener dog races, and a puppy stampede. Yes you read that right, A PUPPY STAMPEDE.

Sunday Round out your weekend with Blueridge's Time Out at The Polygon, a contemplative journey through musical time which includes a work by Morton Feldman that clocks in at over 4 hours long, and this event is held in conversation with the Polygons exhibition of Christian Marclays groundbreaking video installation The Clock.

And that's all for this week, go spend the rest of your time enjoying the dwindling days of August!

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