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Music this week - July 18-24

Oof, I totally forgot that CBC has their Musical Nooners every weekday from 12-1 at their Outdoor Stage and Plaza, hopefully you remembered and have seen some of the shows, and if you've missed them like I have, luckily they're running until August 16. On to the concert listings!

Thursday On the CBC Outdoor Stage today are The Hamiltones, and if you find yourself instead in West Vancouver, head over to the Silk Purse Arts Centre to watch Wayne Weng tickle those ivories in the morning and Van Django strum those strings in the evening. Or if you're staying in Vancouver then make your way to LanaLou's to see Orkestar Kriminal + Balkan Shmalkan

Friday The Musical Nooner today is Midnight Shine (all these bands have such great names!) and there's more ivory tickling today as Feng Bian presents a solo piano program as part of Muzewest's Rush Hour Series, and if you're feeling inter-cultural then there's also the VICO Summer Academy Final Concert

Saturday Those ivories really like being tickled, and you can see even more of it Classical Voices - An Evening of Piano Trio Music, and the evening also has a performance by Tom Keenlyside & Miles Black and Crossing Mountains & Seas, which you should definitely read more about here

Sunday If you have ever had double vision and wanted to listen to music at the same time, now is your chance! Girl A Girl B will be at the Kino tonight, and I hear that the nachos there are pretty good too.

Monday Start your week off right with today's Musical Nooner, Chris Ronald

Tuesday Find yourself downtown at lunch? Head over to CBC to see Andrew Phelan

Wednesday The Heels stay true to their name as they'll have you tapping your toes at the CBC Outdoor Stage

Ok, off to the CBC!

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