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Music this Week - June 13-19

Oh, it's a hot one today. As in, today was really hot (were you melting? I was melting!). Also it's a hot hot week for music. Let's get to it!

Thursday is the last event in the Global Soundscapes Festival - if you haven't been to any of the events yet (or even if you've been to all of them) this is your last chance to go, so go!

Friday the West Coast Symphony Orchestra plays a program of Beethoven, Rossini and the world premiere of Vancouver composer Jim Hopson's West Coast Suite

The VSO is also presenting Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Concert on Thursday-Saturday and it's always great fun, with people dressed in costume and one time Draco Malfoy even showed up.

Saturday Erato Ensemble presents: Future, and you can read more about -your- future right here in this interview with Michael Park (and by that I mean that you'll go to the concert and if you read the interview then you'll know what to expect [or not expect!!!] at the concert so it will kind of tell your future - does that make sense? Listen, it's hard to get things across on the internet, there's no sense of tone!)

Saturday also has the Friends & Family Concert of the Jean Coulthard String Quartet Readings and Vashaan Joyful Music of Iran at the Cultch

On Sunday take a break and head over to the Main Street Car Free Festival and gear up for the rest of the concerts during the week

Monday if you missed the Saturday concert of the aforementioned Jean Coulthard String Quartet readings, then you still have a chance to hear the works at the World Premiere Concert, 8 X 5 and Anton Lipovetsky and Micheele Perkins-Zalik also perform that night

Wednesday is The Handless Maiden in the afternoon and Late 18th-Century Quartets in the evening

And make sure you stay hydrated!

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