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Music this week - May 2-8

It's Opera Festival time! There's so much happening with the festival, with Faust, Cenerentola, The River of Light, and a series of chamber music events, you can and you should go to something every day this weekend (and next weekend too)!

There are non-opera events too - on Friday you can head over to Notional Space and see the Black Dog String Quartet - they'll be playing Brahms and a set of songs by John Kastelic, who is very pleasant to talk to and smells great.

On Saturday you might be in the mood for some champagne and philanthropy? Well that's great because Music in the Morning is having a fundraising event featuring a concert by Ensemble MidtVest, the hors d’oeuvres and bubbly start at 6:30!

On Sunday you might realize that you've been missing Bramwell Tovey, but lucky for you, he's here this weekend! Spend your afternoon watching him conduct the VSO with Louie Lortie in a program of Debussy, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky.

After all those weekend concerts, you might realize part-way through the week that you're having music withdrawal, but don't worry, it's only temporary, and can be fixed by going to Tuesday Morning with Michael Murray where you'll be treated with organ music through the ages.

And once you're done with that, you're right around the corner from Banana Leaf and their lunch special includes roti and rendang beef, I'm already envious of you and the lunch you're going to have. Or head next door to Cazba - I don't know what their special of the day is on Tuesday, but if you're lucky it will be the fesenjan.

Was this post too wordy? There's just so much music to talk about! I'll try to condense it more next week. Or not, we'll see. Probably not.

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