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Music this week - May 23-29

Hey, guess what? You can go to a concert every single day this week, so let's get to the list!

The VSO has an array of shows this week, starting on Thursday with Tea and Trumpets and VSO Chamber Players, and continuing on through the weekend with Women Rock.

On Friday Muzewest presents the Da Vinci Trio in their Rush Hour Series.

On Sunday it's the CMC Fundraising Concert featuring the top finalists of 2019 competition and guest performers Borealis Quartet & Sergei Saratovsky.

On Monday Music on Main has Margarita Monday at the Montauk and if supporting this gem of a concert series and great performers isn't enough to draw you to this event, then you should go for the sheer genius of the alliteration and this url: http://www.musiconmain.ca/concerts/mmmmm/

On Tuesday, take an early lunch break and head over to see Vivian Chen play some great music on the harp, because how often do you get to see a harp recital? I bet it's not that often, and you're going to enjoy this one.

And on Wednesday is the first of many events of the Global Soundscapes Festival, a free open rehearsal where you can meet some of the festival's featured musicians and take a close look at their instruments, when else will you get to be that close to a shakahuchi, sho, koto, or sanxian?

The further along this post goes, the chattier I seem to get, and why do I keep asking you questions? They're rhetorical, but still. Should I talk about the bowl of noodles that I had for lunch? I went to Sip Bowl and you have a choice of 7 hand-pulled noodles to go in your broth, ranging from really thin to large and flat. I chose the latter and they were the size of lasagna noodles, the novelty of that alone made my day. What did you have for lunch? (Really, I actually want to know!)

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