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Strange Music - November 28

Molly MacKinnon and Heather Beaty

Beer! Did I get your attention? It's relevant to this preview of Strange Music, the debut concert of the brand new Concerts on Tap series. Read on as Heather Beaty and Molly McKinnon, co-founders and artistic directors of the series, talk more about music, beer, and how the two combined make for a wonderful evening.

So, tell me about your new concert series, Concerts on Tap

Sure! Concerts on Tap aims to demystify classical music by bringing this genre into spaces you might not otherwise expect to hear it, in other words, your local brewery. At the heart of our series is a pretty simple concept: every Concerts on Tap show will feature four different musical pieces that have been paired with a flight of four beers. Each beer has been specifically chosen to complement the character of the piece it’s been paired with, inviting audiences to engage with classical music in a way that feels playful, unexpected, and hopefully, fun!

What's on tap for the first show, Strange Music

We are looking to curate the overall theme of each show in a way that highlights the unique character of each Vancouver brewery hosting our concerts. Our first event Strange Music takes place in Strange Fellows Brewing, a brewery that uses an old-world aesthetic as a central source of inspiration for its beer crafting. Co-founder and co-artistic director of Concerts on Tap Heather Beaty is currently specializing in early music, specifically the baroque flute, so it was only natural that we gravitated towards music of the 17th and 18th century for this particular show. Expect to see some strange beasts at Strange Music as the show will exclusively feature authentic replica baroque instruments of the 1700’s including a harpsichord on loan from Early Music Vancouver. It’s safe to say that we had fun programming this show, especially since many of the concert’s composers such as JS Bach and Telemann heralded from districts in Germany that were notorious for brewing delicious German beer. Prost!

Can you talk more about how the beers will be paired with the music?

Both music and beer have a lot of specific elements that all come together to create their overall character. For beer, it’s things like colour, aroma, and hops. For music, it’s key signature, tempo, and texture (and a whole bunch of other things too!). With our pairings we were looking for ways of partnering these elements in a manner that made sense to us. Is a super hoppy beer suited to a quick tempo? Does a dark malty IPA feel at home in a minor key? Come to the show and find out!

What's up next for Concerts on Tap?

We have some exciting plans brewing (see what I did there?), but nothing quite ready to officially announce yet, so we invite people to stay up to date on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@concertsontap), where we’ll be posting any upcoming shows or news.

Music and beer, that sounds like a pretty wonderful evening to me. To you too? Then head to Strange Music (featuring Heather Beaty, Shin-Jung Nam, and Connor Page), the first performance of the Concerts on Tap series, on November 28, 8pm at Strange Fellows Brewing

More information: https://www.facebook.com/concertsontap/

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